The iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone to use a USB-C charger, marking a significant departure from Apple's proprietary Lightning connector. This switch is due to a number of factors, including European regulation and the growing popularity of USB-C.

A look at the factors that led to Apple's decision to switch to USB-C on its latest iPhone.

The Rise of USB-C

USB-C is a versatile connector that can be used for charging, data transfer, and video output. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, Google, and OnePlus, using it on their devices.

European Regulation

The European Union has passed a regulation that requires all smartphones and other small electronic devices to use a USB-C charging port by 2024. This regulation is aimed at reducing e-waste by making it easier for consumers to reuse chargers.

Benefits of USB-C for iPhone Users

USB-C offers a number of benefits for iPhone users, including: – Faster charging speeds – Support for higher-wattage charging – Compatibility with a wider range of devices – Reduced e-waste

What to Expect from the iPhone 15 Pro's USB-C Port

iPhone users can expect the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 Pro to offer a number of advantages over the Lightning connector, including faster charging speeds, support for higher-wattage charging, and compatibility with a wider range of devices.

How to Prepare for the Switch to USB-C

If you are planning to purchase an iPhone 15 Pro, you may want to start preparing for the switch to USB-C. Here are a few things you can do: – Inventory your existing Lightning cables and accessories. – Decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you can replace. – Purchase a USB-C cable and charger if you don't already have them.

Best USB-C Cables and Chargers for the iPhone 15 Pro

There are a number of different USB-C cables and chargers available on the market. Here are a few of the best options for the iPhone 15 Pro: Cables: Anker PowerLine+ C to C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable, Belkin USB-C to USB-C Cable with Thunderbolt 4 (2m), Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable (1m). Chargers: Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim 65W 4-Port GaN Charger, Belkin BoostCharge 65W GaN Wall Charger with PPS, Apple 65W USB-C Power Adapter.

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