Tropical Storm Idalia to Strengthen, Make Landfall in Florida

Tropical Storm Idalia is expected to strengthen as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico and make landfall along Florida's Gulf Coast by Wednesday, possibly as a major hurricane.

Hurricane, Tropical Storm and Storm Surge Watches Posted

Hurricane, tropical storm and storm surge watches have been posted for portions of Florida, including the Tampa Bay area, the Panhandle and the Big Bend region.

Flooding Rain, Strong Winds, Coastal Flooding and Tornadoes Possible

Flooding rain, strong winds, coastal flooding and some tornadoes are possible in the areas affected by Idalia

Residents in Affected Areas Should Prepare

Residents in affected areas should take steps to prepare for the storm, such as: – Gathering supplies such as food, water, and batteries – Making a plan for where to go if they need to evacuate – Securing loose outdoor objects – Staying informed about the storm's progress

Idalia to Spread Heavy Rain and Gusty Winds into Parts of the Southeast

After making landfall in Florida, Idalia is expected to spread heavy rain and gusty winds into parts of the Southeast, including Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Residents in Southeast Should Also Prepare

Residents in the Southeast should also take steps to prepare for the storm, as they may also be affected by flooding, strong winds, and power outages.

Latest Updates on Tropical Storm Idalia

The National Hurricane Center is issuing regular updates on Tropical Storm Idalia. You can stay up-to-date on the storm's progress by visiting the NHC website or by following the agency on Twitter.

Help Those Affected by Tropical Storm Idalia

There are a number of ways to help those affected by Tropical Storm Idalia. You can donate to relief organizations, volunteer your time, or simply spread awareness about the storm.

Stay Safe During Tropical Storm Idalia

The most important thing to do during a tropical storm is to stay safe. Follow the instructions of local officials and take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and your property.